Study in Netherlands

Top Reasons to Choose Study in the Netherlands

There are many reasons why you should consider a study in the Netherlands. Taking the challenge as abroad student will give you many experiences that will use when you graduate and start to work. Study in the Netherlands for Indonesian, also gives many opportunities.

  1. It has many prestigious universities. When you are looking for study abroad and the opportunity to study in one of the world’s best universities, the Netherlands is the right answer to go. The Netherlands has become one of the oldest and most reputable higher education systems in the world. There are many universities in the Netherlands that rolled highly in world universities ranking. No wonder it makes the Netherlands as one of the most popular destinations for study abroad in Europe.
  2. An open-minded society. The Netherlands is a country that carries their daily lives as “live and let live” attitude. This is the country that has an international and multicultural environment. There are international students that come from all over the world to study from a total of 157 counties. Most universities in Netherland have international students’ association which will helpful for students when they study. The Netherland people are also very tolerant and open-minded and welcoming everyone to share and express themselves.
  3. Wide range English taught degree program. Netherland is country that known as the first non-English speaking countries that started to design their higher education program taught in English which make this attracts more abroad students such as Indonesian to study in the Netherlands.
  4. Language savvy people. Netherland is a unique non-Anglophone country where approximately 95% of local are spoken with English.
  5. Innovative teaching method. The educational system in Netherland is designed with high quality and the university in Netherland is acknowledge worldwide for well designed, modern program course and complete facilities. Universities in Netherland place a strong emphasis on good personal relations between the students and their lecturer. Most of Netherland universities corporate the practical elements for degree courses. The coursework will consist of group work which will develop the skill of academic and ability to work as a team.
  6. International recognized degree. After the students get graduation, the main goal is finding a job. Netherlands University is highly well known both for national and international. The education in Netherland has designed with international standard and good reputation in worldwide. It provides an opportunity to starts own business or career in any country in the world.
  7. Last but not least, the cost for living expense and study cost in the Netherlands for Indonesian is affordable. The cost of living is considered low and students can cover part-time jobs while they afford study finance.