European Universities Student

Working Rules for International Students That Study in European Universities

Are you international students in European universities and need extra money to live and pay the tuition cost? There are some countries that allow their international students to earn money to help them with tuition cost and living cost. However, you should follow the regulation to work in European universities. These regulations vary depending on the nationality of students and host country.

EU Student

For EU students, then they will have the same right to work while finishing their study as a national of the country. These students will not need a work permit even when they work full time.

Non-EU students

There are some countries that allow students on a visa to work in part-time but some other countries place restrictions on the number of hours to work for the visa holder. The European Commission has announced the visa rules that make non-EU students and researcher for work and stay after graduation. Here are some of the major regulations from 2 popular countries destination of an international student to study in Europe

  •    The United Kingdom. Students that want to work while a study in the UK will meet with limitation of hours to work. Students that hold Tier 4 (General) Visa and study in degree level in an approved institution is able to work 20 hours per week during the semester. These same students can work full time during the academic year’s breaks.
  •    Germany. A foreign student that come from outside of the EU and EEA countries that want to study in Germany and earn money to support your study cost, you will meet with work-hour restriction. These international students are limited to work in 120 full days or 240 half days of work per year unless these international students gain special approval from the government. However, international students that work as a research assistant in campus will not meet with a time restriction. These international students need to consult with the government for the application process.

The regulation is not suitable for short term study visa or standard visitor visa.

How to find work for international students

There are many ways to find work for international students. Mostly come from international students union. In the UK, the student can visit their university student unions for employment leads. These sites sometimes post jobs for the students union. In German, University career services office is resources for international students to get tips on looking jobs and application process. Most of the other European universities also maintain job posting sites for international students.