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Watch Boxes for Men – Styles, Materials, and So On

All watch collectors must have watch boxes in their homes. Instead of storing the watches in the drawer, a rotating watch box offers and provides a more convenient, safe, and practical space to store timepiece collections. Other than that, it could be a lifestyle too.

If you are worried that the box does not reflect your personality, you do not need to worry because there are a bunch of boxes sold out there. You can choose the one you like according to your style and personal preference for sure. In this article, we are going to show you the style of watch boxes along with its material,

Wooden watch boxes

Generally, many watch boxes are made of wood. Of course, it makes such a classic and well-made watch box yet polished until it looks really nice and sleek. However, woods are easy getting damaged by humidity and moisture. On the other hand, those two elements are so common in households. So, unless you have a special place to store the watch boxes with controllable temperature, it is better to not rely on wooden watch boxes that much.

Leather watch boxes

You will also find watch boxes made of leather. It will look really nice and luxury especially if the leather is applied to its interior side. The leather interior will protect your watches effectively. On the other hand, it will also boost the amazing quality considering leather is the most common material for something luxury.

Other options

You can purchase the ready boxes or ask for a customized one. When you purchase a box watch, you may find that there is a cushion or lining in it but the others may not have that. It is important to have a cushion or lining inside the box because it will give extra protection to your collections. Even though your watches are in storage, they are still prone to scratches while linings or cushions will help to prevent that to happen. Other than that, the cushions or linings will protect the watches in case the box is accidentally dropped (mini earthquakes).

As we have mentioned in another article, some boxes are designed to store one watch and the other can store more than one watch. Of course, both are great but it is highly recommended if you choose the box that can store more than one watch. Besides more practical, it will be easier for you in case you have a new addition of timepiece collections.

2 watch winder

How to properly set and use the automatic 2 watch winder

The automatic 2 watch winder is an amazing combination of precision and elegance, functionality and craftsmanship. The 2 watch winder is beautiful box storage and the prestige piece while it simultaneously works in deliberate ways and accurate to ensure your automatic watch remains fully wounded even when it not worn.

  1.    Start to manually wind the watch by turning the crown around 20-30 times.
  2.    Careful place the automatic watch into the winder. Make sure the watch is full seated well in the watch holder. Then adjust the TPD (turns per Day) into the lowest setting and choose the bi-directional rotation mode.
  3.    Turn on the 2 watch winder. Over the next 48 hours or so, check the watch periodically to see if the watch still shows the accurate time. In general, the automatics have approximately around 40 hours to reserve from the time when they have wound. If the time still corrects for the next 2 days, then it is the right setting and you do not need to change the setting anymore.
  4.    If the time is showing the wrong time, increase the next TPD setting and repeat the process again.
  5.    If the time is correct for the next 2 days after change the setting, then it is the right setting.
  6.    If the time is wrong, change the setting to rotate clockwise only and repeat the next procedure for the next 2 days. If the rime is correct after 2 days, it is the right setting for your watch.
  7.    If the time is wrong, then set to rotate counterclockwise and repeat the process once again and wait for the result for the next 2 days.

From the description above, we know that the initial procedure for synchronizing your watch with automatic 2 watch winder can be a little bit tedious. The experiment can take a certain trial and error to meet with your watch manufacturer setting. However, once you get the right precision and setting that your watch need and how your 2 watch winder provides it, you no need experiment again.