ilustrasi les private dirumah aja

Ciri Guru Les privat Yang Berkualitas

Ketika Anda akan memilih guru les pribadi untuk anak, pastikan Anda mengetahui bahwa guru les privat yang Anda berikan pada anak Anda merupakan guru les yang berkualitas. Untuk mengetahui apakah guru les yang Anda berikan pada anak ini adalah guru les yang berkualitas atau tidak, berikut ini adalah beberapa ciri dari guru les pribadi berkualitas yang akan kami bahas.

Dekat dengan anak

Salah satu ciri dari guru les yang berkualitas adalah kemampuan membuat hubungan kedekatan antara guru dengan anak Anda. Guru les pribadi harus dapat yang dipercaya oleh anak agar dapat membantunya belajar dengan lebih mudah.

Jika anak tidak merasa dekat dengan guru les pribadi yang Anda berikan padanya, les mungkin tidak akan berjalan dengan lancar dan anak tetap sulit memahami mata pelajaran yang sedang diajarkan. Jadi jika Anda ingin mendapatkan guru les pribadi yang mampu dekat dengan anak, maka Anda terlebih dahulu harus mewawancarai guru les tersebut. Pastikan guru yang Anda wawancara kemampuan komunikasi yang baik dan memiliki karakter yang adaptif sehingga dapat menghindari sifat dan juga karakter anak yang Anda miliki.

Mampu memberikan motivasi belajar

Hal lain yang menjadi salah satu tanda bahwa guru les privat yang Anda berikan pada anak Anda adalah guru les pribadi yang berkualitas adalah kemampuannya dalam memberikan motivasi pada anak Anda.

Seorang guru yang baik bukan hanya mampu membantu anak-anak mencapai nilai yang tinggi tapi juga mampu memberikan motivasi belajar pada anak Anda. Hal ini disebabkan karena inti utama dari sebuah kegiatan belajar adalah mengenai prosesnya.

Jika seorang guru tidak dapat mendorong kebiasaan belajar pada anak Anda, maka Anda harus bertanya kembali apakah guru tersebut cocok untuk diberikan pada anak Anda atau tidak.

Tidak hanya mengajarkan akademis tapi juga menerapkan kejujuran

Satu lagi hal yang penting untuk diperhatikan ketika Anda akan memilih guru les pribadi untuk anak Anda adalah mengenai hal yang diajarkan oleh guru tersebut. Ketika Anda akan menggunakan jasa guru les pribadi, guru les pribadi tersebut harus bisa memberikan motivasi pada anak Anda untuk belajar seperti yang telah disebutkan sebelumnya.

Akan tetapi jika guru les pribadi yang Anda berikan pada anak Anda ini hanya fokus pada hasil, bisa jadi guru les yang akan Anda gunakan tersebut berikan jalan pintas bagi anak Anda untuk mendapatkan nilai yang baik.

Jika jalan pintas ini merupakan jalan pintas yang baik seperti dilakukan dengan mendorong anak Anda untuk menganalisis soal-soal yang mungkin keluar atau tidak, hal ini tidak masalah. Akan tetapi jika jalan pintas diberikan merupakan jalan yang tidak jujur, maka sebaiknya Anda segera mencari guru les privat lain karena hal ini dapat menjadi contoh yang buruk bagi anak Anda.

Master Degree

Best scholarship in Germany for Indonesian master degree

If you are looking for a  master degree scholarship in Germany for Indonesian, then there are several options that you can choose. Ensure that you choose the scholarship that meets with your requirements and also eligibility.

Best well-known government scholarship

  • DAAD scholarship. DAAD is also known as the German Academic Exchange Service that becomes the largest financial aid in the world. DAAD target students from both Germany and international students. The developing countries such as Indonesia are available to apply for this scholarship. DAAD scholarship is available for any foreign students, graduates, doctoral candidates and also young and early stage researchers. DAAD
  • Deutschlandstipendium. There are more than 22.500 students get to benefit from this national program established by the Federal Government of Germany. This is a program that runs through public and private partnership to reward talented students. The talented students get award 300 EUR/month. Students also will earn mentoring programs, internships and networking events. The funding is given at least for 2 semesters, the standard study period but the scholarships are able to extend if the university considers the students are eligible for receiver further financial aid.
  • Erasmus +. Erasmus+ is the other largest provider for a scholarship to study in the EU. Erasmus is a foundation led by the Europe Commission to funding international students to study in Europe. The funding offers grants toward the living costs when the students participating exchange program for study in Europe.

Non-governmental scholarships

  1. The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. This is the political foundation that provides financial supporting for international and German students that have above grades and show awareness to civic responsibility.
  2. Bayer foundation. Bayer foundation is granted scholarships for students and young professionals that have a high level of dedication and innovative project plan. There are 5 options of scholarships available Otto Bayer scholarships, Kurt Hansen scholarships, Jeff Schell scholarships, Carl Duisburg scholarships, and Hermann stranger scholarships.
  3. Heinrich Boll Foundation is available for undergraduates, graduates, and also doctoral students from all subjects and the nationalities each year. The application in this found is 2 a year. The application deadlines are in March and August.
  4. Konrad Adenauer Stiftung. This is the scholarship available for international students under 30 years old and has completed the university degree in their home country. To apply for this scholarship, the student should provide evidence of above-average academic report, prove have been actively ion voluntary work that dedicated to society benefit in the home country and also has an interest to political issues.
European Universities Student

Working Rules for International Students That Study in European Universities

Are you international students in European universities and need extra money to live and pay the tuition cost? There are some countries that allow their international students to earn money to help them with tuition cost and living cost. However, you should follow the regulation to work in European universities. These regulations vary depending on the nationality of students and host country.

EU Student

For EU students, then they will have the same right to work while finishing their study as a national of the country. These students will not need a work permit even when they work full time.

Non-EU students

There are some countries that allow students on a visa to work in part-time but some other countries place restrictions on the number of hours to work for the visa holder. The European Commission has announced the visa rules that make non-EU students and researcher for work and stay after graduation. Here are some of the major regulations from 2 popular countries destination of an international student to study in Europe

  •    The United Kingdom. Students that want to work while a study in the UK will meet with limitation of hours to work. Students that hold Tier 4 (General) Visa and study in degree level in an approved institution is able to work 20 hours per week during the semester. These same students can work full time during the academic year’s breaks.
  •    Germany. A foreign student that come from outside of the EU and EEA countries that want to study in Germany and earn money to support your study cost, you will meet with work-hour restriction. These international students are limited to work in 120 full days or 240 half days of work per year unless these international students gain special approval from the government. However, international students that work as a research assistant in campus will not meet with a time restriction. These international students need to consult with the government for the application process.

The regulation is not suitable for short term study visa or standard visitor visa.

How to find work for international students

There are many ways to find work for international students. Mostly come from international students union. In the UK, the student can visit their university student unions for employment leads. These sites sometimes post jobs for the students union. In German, University career services office is resources for international students to get tips on looking jobs and application process. Most of the other European universities also maintain job posting sites for international students.