"among the most famous creators of Christian
iconic images in the world.”

-- TIME Magazine, May 12th, 2002

"WILLIAM HART McNICHOLS is one of the greatest Christian artists of our time.”

-- Fr. James Martin, SJ, author of The Jesuit Guide to Everything

James Martin, with regard to Fr. Bill’s book, Mother of God, Similar to Fire, “Father McNichols invites us into the presence of the great model of contemplation, she who ‘treasured’ God in her heart, and brought him into the world. Open this book and allow these icons to open your eyes to our patron and our companion: Mary, the Mother of God.”

We invite you to open this website and our galleries of icons and images by Father Bill
to contemplate and to share.

About Father Bill

William Hart McNichols has been "drawing and coloring in his room" since he was five years old. His parents Marjory Hart McNichols and Stephen McNichols welcomed him on July 10, 1949 at St. Joseph's Hospital in Denver Colorado...

The Mother of God of Akita:
Our Lady of the Snows

I was blessed to go to Akita, Japan in April of 1999 to see the famous statue made for a convent by a Buddhist sculptor. The statue had bled and cried over 100 times... by Fr. William H. McNichols